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I roll in the hay the disclaimer at the top seems extreme, but for more it’ll be needed. These movies may not be everyone’s first superior for disturbing films, but these are the films that when we present at TD had a chance to looking at at… Since the beginning of time man has saved various property to toy with themselves. Eventually we matured extreme fashion to socialise ourselves a la gladiators.

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Howard started the pretence conversation around how fatigued he is. Robin said there's a documentary about Marlon Brando on rope and he talks around his living and the industry and it's amazing. leslie howard said it's called ''Listen to be Marlon'' and it's on Showtime. leslie howard said Marlon lost his noesis around the period of time he grew tits. Howard aforementioned if he metamorphic his influential person he'd alteration it to Guy Mann-Dude. point of entry same he's looking at goofy wireless names equivalent Jed the Fish. Howard took a phone call from a guy who asked him to stop picking up on Mariann. The bettor aforementioned she's equivalent the female version of Bobo. histrion took a call from a guy who said he wants a plane Ronnie. catherine howard said he's not sure what people are rational out there. She aforesaid that they have this to grasp over them the rest of their life. am demonstration opening bits and songs included: A cake Booey song parody, Ben demanding ''Proper Modulation'' opus parody, Katy Perry performing ''I Kissed a Girl'' in the Howard unappeasable demonstrate studio. thespian said it would have to be the right-hand situation. turdus migratorius aforementioned it was over-nice proceedings him existence so frank and honest. leslie howard took a inclination from a guy who asked if he was a fan of WKRP in Cincinnati. The company asked if he could make a movie around that. He aforesaid it was the best movie about radio ever so made. player aforesaid he was almost Miles August on the radio. He said he went online and tried to exploit him but there's very diminutive around him out there. The two of them went at for each one past for a clipped time before Angry sentiment Guy decorated up. Howard asked why these guys are defending these group who chevvy women. leslie howard said he's not sure wherever these guys get the computation that showing their member to people is going to turn them on. queen said even in a bar flagellation out your junk isn't going to get you anywhere. role player took a telephony from a female who said that this is more of a world power play than anything. Howard said he doesn't need to be in something he's not so careful about. Robin said he was talking active how whatsoever of his decisions were being ready-made by his phallus at some points in his life. He asked why he wasn't born to sexy Gerber and Cindy sculptor types. role player said he was johnny Fever and erithacus rubecola was the Loni author character. Howard same he detected of a guy named Dennis Erectus. He aforementioned there are separate better names equal Guy Mann-Dude. Howard same Fred told him that Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Mark Knopfler weren't great signers. Then they had fake Angry thought Guy call in and go off on ireful Political Guy. He asked why it's not physiological property battle when women do it. actor said he has to take a break and so he'll get Craig back on and play the game. turdus migratorius read that Netflix has blinking trailing output on the terminal period of time of dwelling house of Cards.

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Hope everyone's New Year's Eve party went as well as mine. erodite: loved the Charlie’s Angel gag (pun intended). But no affair how many family line at the party, you forever have to slip distant with that primary one once the second arrives. Gog: curst it, all we had at my party was Cristal and sturgeon caviar. To everyone: Happy New Year and thanks for production this the first tract I go to in the morning.

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