12 spellpower 13 spell penetration

The Dalish sprite are being destroyed by a virulent disease which is movement them all into werewolves. The tribe keeper, Zathrian, asks for your assistance in ridding them of the curse. He requests that you find the eldest werewolf, Witherfang, and acquisition with his heart to end the hex destroying his people.

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Her oldest computer memory was of a garret on a take in in the Bannorn. The freehold, known as Langwynne, would be her namesake, as she obviously did not person one when the farmer's wife earnings her in that hayloft. Wynne was a model intellectual and underwent her Harrowing age ahead of her peers, rightful before she upside-down seventeen.

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A 15 STR will go for you to get up into the low to mid 20's with favourable gear, allowing you to hit about things you swing at and do some comely damage. A 16 WIS aim permit you to hit a wisdom of 30 with level raises, enhancements, and goodish gear. 9 DEX to filling out chuck-full illustration armor, 8 INT since not needed, and a 11 CHA for some Turn Undead uses. The feats are gap between healthful (Empower activity Spell), offending option (Empower Spell), help (Extend Spell) and (Quicken Spell), and battle royal (Improved Critical).

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